Month: April 2022


A couple of ewwwwww photos from Sterling today transformed Tuesday into a real  TEWWWWWsday. Well, not completely.  There were some sweet photos of mamma herons, a mamma eagle, and some pretty flowers. But definitely a good portion of ewwwww. Sometimes when you see a dark thing sticking up from a soggy bog bottom, it’s inanimate and harmless.  Maybe it’s just a branch or perhaps … Read More TewwwwwwSDAY

Sony a7ii

I really love my Olympus gear, but I can’t ignore the full-frame fuss any longer.   So, I took the plunge and bought a (used) Sony — not the latest model and certainly not the most expensive — but one that Digital Camera World recommended as a very capable and affordable full-frame, as long as you don’t do video ( Although still a relative newbie … Read More Sony a7ii

Spring, Montezuma Style

Winter is slowly losing its grip on western New York. Eaglets are hatching, osprey and herons are nesting, and ducks, geese, and swans have found their mates. Although spring arrived meterologically on March 21, it wasn’t really spring for us nature photofolks until April 1st, when the gate to Wildlife Drive swung open. Today was sunny (and warm!), so I packed a lunch and … Read More Spring, Montezuma Style

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