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(In and) Out of Africa

Kenya, to be specific. It was a truly unforgettable experience in many ways, not the least of which was the sprawling Maasai Mara and the incredible diversity of the wildlife it sustains. I left the Olympus cameras at home. We really wouldn’t be doing much walking, so lightweight gear was not a consideration. Instead, I used the full-frame Nikon d850 and the Nikkor 200-500 … Read More (In and) Out of Africa

The Gulls at Dufferin Islands

Just past the glitz of Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side) are the Dufferin Islands. These islands were created early in the 20th century during the construction of a generating station by Ontario Power Generating (OPG). The area has been a government-administered nature area since 1999, when power was no longer produced there. The islands are rather small and easily traversable.  Paid parking is … Read More The Gulls at Dufferin Islands

Practice Practice Practice

Been taking my camera out ss often as I can, experimenting with manual mode. And lighting. That seems to be my biggest problem. There was a particular grainy, 18% gray day this week, where everything came out fuzzy and monotone. Like this guy over here ———> I went back on the next day, which was bright and sunny, and did much better. Like that … Read More Practice Practice Practice

It’s Here! It’s a GO!

The Wild Wings Photography Tour, Costa Rica 2022 is a GO!   This is the kind of birds we will see — — and I am hoping that this is the kind of photos we will take! With Andy’s patient help and expert teaching we will no doubt bring lots and lots of good photos back home.  So, get your passports updated and your … Read More It’s Here! It’s a GO!

Wild Wings Day 6: The (Final) Star

If Saturday was SuperSaturday, then I would have to say that Sunday was StupendousSunday. I thought I was in photography heaven. When Andy said he was taking us to a rookery, I immediately thought of this: Which is a fairly typical example of a great blue heron rookery up where I live. You know, a stand of dead trees in the middle of a … Read More Wild Wings Day 6: The (Final) Star

Wild Wings Day 5: The Star

Today was SuperSaturday, so by definition The Star of the Day would be a SuperStar. And it was! No doubt about it, it was babies! Babies clearly were the Number One SuperStar of the Day! Our morning outing was delayed by thunderstorms, severe enough to prompt lightning warnings. But once they cleared we were off, looking for SuperStar candidates. It didn’t take long to … Read More Wild Wings Day 5: The Star

Wild Wings Day 4: The Star

The Star of the Day today could have been the pelicans, which were quite photoworthy. Or it could have been any of the number of small waders that ran along the shore and entertained us by pestering each other. But The Star of the Day was none of these. It was definitely the  wood stork. And not just *any* wood stork. It was THIS … Read More Wild Wings Day 4: The Star

Wild Wings Day 2: The Star

No problem choosing The Star of the Day for Day 2, the uncontested winner was the reddish egret. “In the stately and dignified world of herons,” according to AllAboutBirds (Cornell University), “Reddish Egrets are the swashbuckling cousins.” And right they are! Anyone who has watched great blue herons or great or snowy egrets patiently stalking their prey will be quite surprised at the tactics … Read More Wild Wings Day 2: The Star

Wild Wings Photography

Having just returned from the Florida 2022 workshop, I can’t say enough good things about Wild Wings Photography and its proprietor, Andy Nguyen. Andy is an excellent photographer – but he is much more than that. His technical and artistic skills with the camera are matched only by his extensive studies and field experience, not only with bird life but with all forms of … Read More Wild Wings Photography


A couple of ewwwwww photos from Sterling today transformed Tuesday into a real  TEWWWWWsday. Well, not completely.  There were some sweet photos of mamma herons, a mamma eagle, and some pretty flowers. But definitely a good portion of ewwwww. Sometimes when you see a dark thing sticking up from a soggy bog bottom, it’s inanimate and harmless.  Maybe it’s just a branch or perhaps … Read More TewwwwwwSDAY

Sony a7ii

I really love my Olympus gear, but I can’t ignore the full-frame fuss any longer.   So, I took the plunge and bought a (used) Sony — not the latest model and certainly not the most expensive — but one that Digital Camera World recommended as a very capable and affordable full-frame, as long as you don’t do video ( Although still a relative newbie … Read More Sony a7ii

Spring, Montezuma Style

Winter is slowly losing its grip on western New York. Eaglets are hatching, osprey and herons are nesting, and ducks, geese, and swans have found their mates. Although spring arrived meterologically on March 21, it wasn’t really spring for us nature photofolks until April 1st, when the gate to Wildlife Drive swung open. Today was sunny (and warm!), so I packed a lunch and … Read More Spring, Montezuma Style

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