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Having an affinity for nature photography, Diet Coke, and a bargain, I am a frequent visitor at McDonald’s golden arches.  I can’t help but notice what surrounds most of their restaurants, it’s pretty nice.  So, I make it a habit to bring a camera with me while I wait at the drive-thru for a large Diet Coke/light ice — a real bargain at $1.00 … Read More McNature

Lake Effect Snow

You have to see it to believe it.   Lake effect occurs when cold winds blow across an expanse of (relatively) warm(er) water.  That’s what caused Snovember 2014 in Buffalo, where the last remnants of that infamous storm coming  off Lake Erie did not melt until the following July. I watched this one being pushed over Lake Ontario by the prevailing westerly winds and … Read More Lake Effect Snow

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