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Signs of Spring

Maybe CoVid-19 can afflict the world population and threaten the global economy, but it can’t stop the world from turning or the seasons from changing. And yes, my dear readers, spring is here!  If you don’t believe me take a look at some sure signs of spring: Pussywillows!   Swans gliding upon silky water   Winter aconite (?)   Ducks,   Daffodils   Blackbirds … Read More Signs of Spring

The Golden Hour? More like The (18%) Gray Hour.

It’s not always golden in western NY on a winter morning. Sometimes it’s just plain dull.         Oh, it started off all right.  Just a little gray with a hint of sunrise.               In fact, only two days ago temperatures were in the 60s, fooling this great blue heron into thinking it was a lovely … Read More The Golden Hour? More like The (18%) Gray Hour.

Lake Effect Snow

You have to see it to believe it.   Lake effect occurs when cold winds blow across an expanse of (relatively) warm(er) water.  That’s what caused Snovember 2014 in Buffalo, where the last remnants of that infamous storm coming  off Lake Erie did not melt until the following July. I watched this one being pushed over Lake Ontario by the prevailing westerly winds and … Read More Lake Effect Snow

Good Night, Christmas

White Christmas? People have been dreaming of it only since 1942.  That’s when Bing Crosby told us all about white Christmases — things we only used to know — in the movie Holiday Inn.  We were immediately hooked on the nostalgia, romance, and charm of Christmas covered in snow and ever since then have been looking anxiously at the skies (and the weather reports) … Read More Good Night, Christmas

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