Month: February 2020

Two Sides of Nature

Wind is natural, right? Except for today’s wind.  Around 2 o’clock it was mostly from the west, gusting from the 20s into the 40 MPH range and one recorded as high as 57 MPH!  So, I made the obligatory trek out to the Sodus Point Lighthouse. It was gusty enough to blow lake water onto the shore — and cold enough to freeze it, … Read More Two Sides of Nature

You Can Run (Up a Tree)

But you can’t hide. Well, maybe you can hide a little bit. I kinda hate this camera.  I bought it for its long reach.  It extends to 539mm, but with a 1.66 sensor (7.7 diagonal) it calculates to a whopping 3000mm on a full frame!  What nature photographer doesn’t like that!!! Unfortunately, what Nikon fails to tell you in the small print is this:  … Read More You Can Run (Up a Tree)

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