Month: November 2019

Hey, Good-Lookin’!

Whatcha got cookin’??             How about cookin’ somethin’ up with me!

What? No ducks????

Officials have announced that the unusually cold weather may have prematurely ended duck-watching at Montezuma this year.   But I suspect it has more to do with the induced drought.  Draining the pools over the summer (2019) was done with good intentions and fairly good results.  The lush grasses that re-grew on the marsh beds crowded out the unwanted plant life and promised a … Read More What? No ducks????


The West Shore Trail water levels are finally high enough to support fish. . .and where there’s fish, there are eagles not far behind.   There would be heron and osprey, too,  except at this time of year they are long gone to the southward.  Not so for the eagles, who generally stick around in the winter until the lakes, rivers, and marshlands freeze … Read More Eagles

When Is A Duck Not A Duck?

When it’s a rail.  And if it’s black (mostly) with ugly striped feet, it’s a coot. Right now, in the midst of the fall migration, coots are plentiful here in Western New York.  In fact, they are plentiful just about anywhere there is fresh water — the experts call that “cosmopolitan distribution.”  I call it ubiquitous.   In fact, coots are so ubiquitous that … Read More When Is A Duck Not A Duck?

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