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When Is A Duck Not A Duck?

When it’s a rail.  And if it’s black (mostly) with ugly striped feet, it’s a coot. Right now, in the midst of the fall migration, coots are plentiful here in Western New York.  In fact, they are plentiful just about anywhere there is fresh water — the experts call that “cosmopolitan distribution.”  I call it ubiquitous.   In fact, coots are so ubiquitous that … Read More When Is A Duck Not A Duck?

‘Bye-bye Birdies!

Traffic has resumed on the Atlantic flyway as fall migration begins.   The songbirds have been gone for a few weeks now — the blackbirds, marsh wrens, and kingbirds have all left the watersides, leaving only tree sparrows behind.  The osprey nests are empty, and just the hardiest egrets and herons remain, stalking the waters of Montezuma for fish and frogs.  And there are … Read More ‘Bye-bye Birdies!

There were ten of them!

Saw them near Montezuma today. Such beautiful birds!  Could use a little post-processing, maybe, just to correct the color (these are jpgs, so were processed in-camera), but I think their natural beauty shows through without it.  

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