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A Face Only Its Mother Could Love

“He had the eye of a vulture,” Poe wrote. “Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold.” It isn’t so much the eye of the vulture, it’s the entire head.  Small, smooth, and featherless, with flaring nostrils not found on any other raptor, the vulture is downright ugly, ugly enough to provoke an “ewwww!” from just about any bird fancier.  Yet, if one … Read More A Face Only Its Mother Could Love

Rocky Racoon? or maybe a long-lost cousin.

I mean, these aren’t exactly the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota. But this little one didn’t mind at all.  The roadside vegetation — and whatever insects hiding therein — was just fine! A brief but enjoyable stop while on my way to Montezuma.

Splish Splash, Taking a Bath

All upon a Saturday night. Woo!   The marsh-side art of splishing and a-splashing, movin’ and a-groovin’, reelin’ with the feelin’ and a little dryin’ and a-preenin’, just in case there’s a party going on.

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