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Snow Geese

The water was thick with them. Snow geese are pretty smart — smart enough to winter in the warmer areas of North America and return each summer to their nesting areas in the Arctic tundra.  It’s this summer sanctuary that provides us here in western New York a brief but beautiful glimpse of these birds as they migrate northward on the Atlantic flyway. A … Read More Snow Geese

Three Eagles and a Tripod

Soon to be three eagle families! Certainly a harbinger of spring 😉 This young lady, who only a week or two ago was calling for a mate, is clearly sitting on something!  The results are about 3-4 weeks away. Getting better with the Coolpix p1000. . .as long as I don’t extend the telephoto to its full capacity.  This was taken at 1/500 @ … Read More Three Eagles and a Tripod

Two Sides of Nature

Wind is natural, right? Except for today’s wind.  Around 2 o’clock it was mostly from the west, gusting from the 20s into the 40 MPH range and one recorded as high as 57 MPH!  So, I made the obligatory trek out to the Sodus Point Lighthouse. It was gusty enough to blow lake water onto the shore — and cold enough to freeze it, … Read More Two Sides of Nature

You Can Run (Up a Tree)

But you can’t hide. Well, maybe you can hide a little bit. I kinda hate this camera.  I bought it for its long reach.  It extends to 539mm, but with a 1.66 sensor (7.7 diagonal) it calculates to a whopping 3000mm on a full frame!  What nature photographer doesn’t like that!!! Unfortunately, what Nikon fails to tell you in the small print is this:  … Read More You Can Run (Up a Tree)

Splish-Splash, They Was Taking A Bath

All upon a Saturday night, woo!     A little splishin’ and a splashin’ (one time), movin’ and a-groovin’ (ooo-wee!), reelin’ with the feelin’, dryin’ and a-preenin’ down at the marsh.     Gonna put their dancing shoes on and join Bobby Darin at the party!  

Lesson Learned!

Finally, a photo of a red-tail hawk that isn’t just a dark blob against the background of a washed-out sky! I learn the hard way…and the lesson I learned yesterday was to pay attention to the shutter speed, even with still photos.  What they say about the shutter speed being the inverse of the focal length is very true — I have far too … Read More Lesson Learned!

“Grand Canyon of the East”

Whoever called it that probably hasn’t seen the Grand Canyon.  But Letchworth is definitely worth seeing in its own right, especially in the fall. The “Mighty Genessee” doesn’t appear so mighty here at Letchworth.  It’s the ancient gorges through which it winds that provides an awesome view.  The best place to start is at the Mount Morris entrance and follow the twist and turns … Read More “Grand Canyon of the East”

‘Bye-bye Birdies!

Traffic has resumed on the Atlantic flyway as fall migration begins.   The songbirds have been gone for a few weeks now — the blackbirds, marsh wrens, and kingbirds have all left the watersides, leaving only tree sparrows behind.  The osprey nests are empty, and just the hardiest egrets and herons remain, stalking the waters of Montezuma for fish and frogs.  And there are … Read More ‘Bye-bye Birdies!

A Face Only Its Mother Could Love

“He had the eye of a vulture,” Poe wrote. “Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold.” It isn’t so much the eye of the vulture, it’s the entire head.  Small, smooth, and featherless, with flaring nostrils not found on any other raptor, the vulture is downright ugly, ugly enough to provoke an “ewwww!” from just about any bird fancier.  Yet, if one … Read More A Face Only Its Mother Could Love

Rocky Racoon? or maybe a long-lost cousin.

I mean, these aren’t exactly the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota. But this little one didn’t mind at all.  The roadside vegetation — and whatever insects hiding therein — was just fine! A brief but enjoyable stop while on my way to Montezuma.

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