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Three Eagles and a Tripod

Soon to be three eagle families! Certainly a harbinger of spring 😉 This young lady, who only a week or two ago was calling for a mate, is clearly sitting on something!  The results are about 3-4 weeks away. Getting better with the Coolpix p1000. . .as long as I don’t extend the telephoto to its full capacity.  This was taken at 1/500 @ … Read More Three Eagles and a Tripod

The Golden Hour? More like The (18%) Gray Hour.

It’s not always golden in western NY on a winter morning. Sometimes it’s just plain dull.         Oh, it started off all right.  Just a little gray with a hint of sunrise.               In fact, only two days ago temperatures were in the 60s, fooling this great blue heron into thinking it was a lovely … Read More The Golden Hour? More like The (18%) Gray Hour.

Newbie Alert: How to Buy a Polarizer

There are two ways to do this. You could pick one off the shelf.  Chances are you would end up with a nice accessory that will even out harsh light and glare to a very acceptable degree.  It may even leave you with change in your pocket.  Or, You could talk to Vicky at Rowe’s. I highly recommend the Vicky option, and here’s why.  … Read More Newbie Alert: How to Buy a Polarizer

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