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Mother and Child

Well, they make a lot of noise, and they poo everywhere.   But pigeons are actually kind of colorful and cute.   With distinctive red eyes.     Turns out they are rather unique among birds, in that they produce “milk” to feed their young.  The “milk” is not produced in mammary glands, so it is not really milk.  It is produced in the … Read More Mother and Child

Lesson Learned!

Finally, a photo of a red-tail hawk that isn’t just a dark blob against the background of a washed-out sky! I learn the hard way…and the lesson I learned yesterday was to pay attention to the shutter speed, even with still photos.  What they say about the shutter speed being the inverse of the focal length is very true — I have far too … Read More Lesson Learned!

They’ve Got Bette Davis Eyes

Well, not exactly Bette Davis.  Or Greta Garbo, either.     But they do have eyes that are expressive, bright, and sparkly.


It seems so long ago now that there is snow on the ground and more on the way.         Here are a few summer memories of the ubiquitous-but-awesome great blue heron to keep us warm while we await the return of spring and summer.  (Sorry, I slipped one in from autumn!)    

Hey, Good-Lookin’!

Whatcha got cookin’??             How about cookin’ somethin’ up with me!

What? No ducks????

Officials have announced that the unusually cold weather may have prematurely ended duck-watching at Montezuma this year.   But I suspect it has more to do with the induced drought.  Draining the pools over the summer (2019) was done with good intentions and fairly good results.  The lush grasses that re-grew on the marsh beds crowded out the unwanted plant life and promised a … Read More What? No ducks????


The West Shore Trail water levels are finally high enough to support fish. . .and where there’s fish, there are eagles not far behind.   There would be heron and osprey, too,  except at this time of year they are long gone to the southward.  Not so for the eagles, who generally stick around in the winter until the lakes, rivers, and marshlands freeze … Read More Eagles

‘Bye-bye Birdies!

Traffic has resumed on the Atlantic flyway as fall migration begins.   The songbirds have been gone for a few weeks now — the blackbirds, marsh wrens, and kingbirds have all left the watersides, leaving only tree sparrows behind.  The osprey nests are empty, and just the hardiest egrets and herons remain, stalking the waters of Montezuma for fish and frogs.  And there are … Read More ‘Bye-bye Birdies!

The Most Disdained Birds in America

They really didn’t do anything to deserve it.  Nonetheless, they are the birds we love to hate — crows, starlings, and mute swans. Actually, they are kind of pretty.  Crows are dark and sleek.  Starlings have such cute little polka-dotted tummies (much like a miniature Kate Spade bag).  They both make a terribly unpleasant noise, but crows are quite useful to the human population … Read More The Most Disdained Birds in America

There were ten of them!

Saw them near Montezuma today. Such beautiful birds!  Could use a little post-processing, maybe, just to correct the color (these are jpgs, so were processed in-camera), but I think their natural beauty shows through without it.  

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