peekaboo gallinule

Having just returned from the Florida 2022 workshop, I can’t say enough good things about Wild Wings Photography and its proprietor, Andy Nguyen.

P5062164 - pelican in flightAndy is an excellent photographer – but he is much more than that. His technical and artistic skills with the camera are matched only by his extensive studies and field experience, not only with bird life but with all forms of wildlife.

Truly amazing!

There wasn’t a question that he could not answer quickly and authoritatively with explanations that were easy to understand.

egretAndy is passionate about his work, which was evident in the way he planned and conducted this workshop. He was always available for questions, and not once was he impatient or condescending.

I was sincerely impressed by his willingness to show me, a relative newbie with the camera, how to use it to produce the best in-camera results.

In fact, I can truly say that he treated me as if I was the only person attending the workshop, and the results were astonishing.

P5040251 reddishI came to Florida shooting JPGs in shutter mode with auto-everything-else. By midweek, I was shooting in raw and almost entirely manual – even using manual ISO!

Some of my photos were abject failures, but I returned home at the end of 7 days with a large number of keepers, larger than I had ever expected.

I think the two most valuable lessons I learned were these: Know your gear. Know where all the buttons and switches are and know exactly what they are designed to do. Learn now to locate them with your eyes closed.

P5040151 - white ibis color morphThe other: Know that you will always be learning. Practice may make perfect, but know that we are never perfect. There is always something new to know, and be open to that no matter how skillful you think you are with your gear.

Oh, and a third lesson – don’t forget your Swiss Arca plates!!!

This workshop was worth every penny and then some. The shooting locations Andy chose were awesome, and there was always a “star of the day.” SuperSaturday was truly super, but the final shots on Sunday were even better (which I couldn’t even imagine!).

P5040762 little blue reclaiming fishI know he has seen all these things thousands of times before, but it seemed to me like he was seeing each of them for the very first time.

Such passion and enthusiasm are contagious! as well as highly motivating, especially when you worry about never getting past the newbie stage.

I know Andy has more workshops planned, and I hope to attend each one. I think you should, too.

P5062538 - woodstork in flight

You can contact Andy at his Facebook page, Wild Wings Photography, here:

Tell him Sue sent ya!

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