Wild Onion

I thought it was going to be one of those quiet summer days with wildlife languishing in the sun, too hot to forage or preen, thus limiting my photo ops to flowers and sparkly water.

But it was not meant to be, not if the blackbirds had anything to say.

Turns out they had a lot to say, and do!

Today there were a couple of blackbirds hanging around the Eagle Tree,

and they were feeling kind of frisky.

Frisky enough to torment birds much larger than they are. . .and they’ve set their sights on this eagle, who was minding his own business and thought it was a good idea to rest and maybe snooze for a while.


Not gonna happen, unfortunately!

P6280274Blackbirds may be little, but they are feisty. . .feisty enough to torment a bird more times their size!

They dart about so quickly that the eagle has no time to say “Watch out! Here comes a blackbird!”

Because before those words are even out of his mouth (or beak. . .) he’s saying “Which way did it go???”

All the eagle can do is try to scare it away with loud shrieks and squawks.


Maybe it’s gone. . .


But no such luck, it’s only resting!


Oh-oh, look behind you!

P6280266 - Copy

No wonder four-and-twenty of them were baked in a pie!


Where’d he go???


That’s it, the eagle has had enough!


Good riddance, you pest!!


Maybe now he can get some rest!

. . .while the rest of us return to the flowers standing as silent testimony to the hot and now-quiet summer afternoon. . .


These photos were all taken with the Olympus EM-5iii and the Panasonic G Vario O.I.S. 100-300 lens.

The JPG processor in this camera, as it is in all Olympus cameras, is outstanding. Unlike the DSLRs, what you see in the viewfinder is what you get in the image.  No need for postprocessing at all, unless you want to resize.

And if you are a diehard RAW shooter, Olympus offers in-camera processing for your RAW files as well.  Amazing!

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