In a western NY winter the golden hour can quickly deteriorate. Then it becomes “The (18%) Gray Hour.”


Oh, it started off okay. . .a little gray with just a hint of sun.

I mean, just yesterday it was in the 60s!


But a passing cold front darkened the sky and triggered the lake effect machine.

Gone was the sun as dark, gray skies and anything beneath them were pummeled by groppel and swirling snow.

No “golden hour” for us!


The Gray Hour might last for only an hour — or it could persist for days, challenging any camera’s autofocus.

Neither contrast nor phase detection work well in the low-light monotone of The Gray Hour.


Still, it is possible to get some interesting photos. . .but I suggest you do it from the relatively warm and dry confines of your car.

No need to test the weather resistance of your expensive gear!

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